Coaching Intake – Story, Passion, and Dreams

In order for the coaching relationship to function at its highest potential, the candidate’s coach needs to know some of the basics about who the candidate is and where he/she has come from.  The Coaching Intake Form gives the candidate an opportunity to reflect on their journey, describe his/her passions, and share dreams.  It also provides the coach with basic information from which he/she will get to know the candidate.  After filling in the Coaching Intake Form, the coach will schedule an initial conversation with the candidate. Ideally, this will be in person. However, the coaching relationship does not require close geographical proximity to be effective.

The purpose of this coaching session is:

  1. For the Coach to get to know the candidate on a deeper level.
  2. To build trust; spend time encouraging and noting God’s work in the leader’s life.
  3. To look for insights into areas that could lead to deeper growth
  4. To celebrate Christ as Savior and highlight His transformational work in the candidate’s  life.