Getting Started in Coaching

1. Identifying a coach.

  • Check out this link to get some guidelines on who would be a good coach.
  • Once you have a coach you will want to agree on when and how often you will meet together. We hope you can connect at least twice a month and encourage face to face interactions if possible, or Skype video call.
  • After you have identified a coach and you have agreed on how often you will meet, please complete the I have a Coach Form.  This will be sent to your Candidate Developer.

2.  The initial coaching meeting

  • The coaching relationship starts with getting to know each other.  To help set the stage your coach may ask you to complete the The Coaching Intake Form.  This form gives you an opportunity to reflect on your journey, describe your passions, and share your dreams.  It also provides your coach with basic information which will help them get to know you better.
  • During the first coaching session, the candidate will share their story, passions, and dreams with the coach.  In turn the coach will look for places to celebrate God’s work in their lives. The coach should always try to ask open-ended questions to keep the candidate sharing.  Once the candidate has shared and the coach understands the candidate, the next step is for the candidate to develop your Personal Growth Plan.   This should be completed before your next coaching call or meeting.

3.  Working through the Personal Growth Plan

  • The Personal Growth Plan enables you to take personal inventory of the Five Core Characteristics of an Alliance Worker. Based on your assessment, you should be able to clearly see the characteristics where you will want to intentionally invest.  With the help of your coach, you will develop a 3-6 month action plan. The coaching relationship will help you become focused and motivated in developing these characteristics which are necessary for life and ministry.  During each coaching session you will review the action plan, celebrate the victories, identify the obstacles, and create a plan to move forward.
  • During each session share with your coach any “hot topics” you would like to discuss, areas to celebrate, or challenges to work through. Remember to be open and be sensitive to the Spirit’s leading.  Following the session, the coach should help you develop an action plan and you both should choose a day and time for the next session.  For coaching to be successful, you must develop a ‘doable’ action plan and the coach needs to provide accountability and motivation to accomplish the plan.
  • Resources: We have tons of resources to help you grow. Please check out our Coaching Resources. To find resources on a specific topic use the TAGS in the menu on the left, all the way at the bottom.

It is a good idea to redo your Personal Growth Plan every 6-8 months and update your action plan. The Candidate Development Team is available to provide assistance in coaching.   Have a blast and let us know how we can help. Be sure to share some wins with us, too!