Preparing for an Accreditation Interview

Thank you for submitting your Application on Our office will be prayerfully reviewing it for your upcoming interview. To help you prepare for your Interview, please open and read through the following documents:

Preparing for an Interview

As you go into your interview, we want you to be as prepared as possible. This document outlines what the interview itself will consist of, how to prepare for it, and even includes sample questions to give you an idea of the kinds of questions you will be asked.

Doctrinal Study Guide

Please bring your Bible with you to the interview. You are allowed to use it for the Doctrinal Questions during the interview. Keep in mind we want to hear you answers in your own words. While it is important that you know the answers to our Bible, Theology, and Alliance Distinctives questions, we also want to see that you have internalized your answers and they have become a part of who you are.

Sanctification Paper

The C&MA’s view of Sanctification is an important distinctive in our Theology. During your interview we will ask you to explain our position on Sanctification. Please read this paper thoroughly and practice explaining it in your own words. Be sure you are able to explain how Sanctification is both a crisis and a progressive experience in the life of a believer. Spend some time thinking through where you see Sanctification in your own life.

Contact your regional candidate development team with any questions.