Key Relationships as an International Candidate

As an International Candidate, there are several relationships essential to your growth and development.  Each of these relationships have different roles and expectations. As a candidate it is important for you to pursue and foster these relationships throughout your candidacy.

Candidate Developer: This person will serve as the ‘quarterback’ or ‘case manager’ of your development team. They are committed to your personal growth and professional development as a candidate. Your Candidate Developer will provide accurate representation of the Alliance’s priorities and information you need to determine your next steps. They are available to you at any time if questions or concerns should arise. You can expect 3-4 developmental conversations or ‘check ins’ per year. Your Developer will seek feedback from your coach, supervisor, and district personnel. They will maintain a positive attitude that is nurturing, honest, and caring. Once you are prepared and ready to apply for a MOD, your Candidate Developer will serve as an advocate for you through the application and interview process.

Personal Coach: The coach is someone you choose who is committed to your personal growth. Your coach will provide accountability and motivation as you intentionally invest in the 5 Core Characteristics of an Alliance Worker. Your coach will help you stay focused on the action points of your PGP.  When challenges arise your coach should be someone who can help you overcome difficulties. Several times a year, your coach will be asked to give us some feedback on how the coaching is going. They will share with us how often you have connected and the victories and challenges you faced. If you or your coach needs any resources or assistance, please contact your Candidate Developer.

Ministry Supervisor: As you enter Alliance Licensed Ministry Experience, you will identify your ministry supervisor. They will hold you accountable for your day to day activities and responsibilities. Gaining honest feedback about your strengths and areas of growth in ministry is essential for a successful Licensed Ministry Experience. Your ministry supervisor will provide an evaluation of your service to your Candidate Developer annually and will be invited to participate in the interview process.

District Superintendent: It is the local church that sends workers internationally, and the district is the representation of the local churches. It is the candidate’s responsibility to reach out the district leadership team and build an effective relationship during your Licensed Ministry Experience. The district superintendent is a major participant in the interview and sending process. As an international worker, your sending district will be the keystone of your support base. Building this relationship during candidacy is your responsibility. Your Candidate Developer will be seeking feedback from the district office annually throughout the Licensed Ministry Experience.

International Placement Office: The International Placement Office (IPO) works with International Ministries’ leadership and regional and field personnel to determine the strategic needs of The Alliance internationally. Every January Ministry Opportunities are posted online. As you start your licensed ministry experience, your Candidate Developer will introduce you to the IPO team so they will get to know you and your passions. This team will be able to update your Candidate Developer on the future strategic needs and potential opportunities. The IPO will oversee the entire application and interview process for International Ministry Opportunities.

While all of these relationships are important to your growth and development, your Candidate Developer will be the consistent voice- providing you with encouragement, counsel, and feedback. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Candidate Developer.