I Have a Coach Form

Congratulations on finding a ministry coach. We are trusting this will be a valuable relationship as you continue to grow and live out your calling.  Thank you for letting us know who your coach is so we can partner with your coach in your personal growth.    For this relationship to be the most effective please make sure you have :

1.  Completed a Personal Growth Plan –  For coaching to work you must be intentional about your growth, having a written action plan will be the basis of your coaching session.  Your coach may also ask you to complete the Coaching Intake Form

2.  Create a meeting plan.  Its important to think through a meeting plan prior to making the commitment to coaching.  It’s a pretty simple agreement – how often will me meet, how long is the coaching appointment, and when do we start.

3.  Let your regional developer know of any resources you might need to either you or your coach.

4. Complete the form below so we can officially start the coaching process.