Academic Preparation for International Candidates

For candidates pursuing opportunities as an International Worker (clergy), a solid academic foundation includes completing the following coursework:

  • A Bachelor’s degree from a recognized college or university.
  • 30 credit hours of Bible, Theology, and Ministry. This is the basic requirements for all Alliance workers and will meet the standard for Alliance credentialing. We strongly suggest courses in Evangelism, Discipleship, and Leadership Development to round out your theological and biblical classes. An Alliance Distinctives and Polity course is required for all Alliance Workers.
  • 15 hours of Missiological training. Your training could include the following courses: Theology of Missions, Introduction to Missions, Cross-cultural Communication, History of Missions, Global Expansion of the Church, Contemporary Issues in Missions, World Religions and Cults, and Spiritual Warfare/Power Encounter.
  • Graduate studies are highly valued and may be advantageous or required for some roles.  See ministry opportunity descriptions (MODs) for details.
  • Recommended 18-20 hours of training or certification in a Professional Concentration.  We are increasingly encouraging our workers as part of their academic and ministry/work experience portfolio to secure additional training in a globally recognized professional field. Such cross-training enables our workers to enter a new community and be perceived as someone who adds value to that community. This in turn will result in the additional benefit of greater ease in connecting with the community for relationship building and thus disciple-making. In order to achieve this, we are advising prospective international workers to make wise use of undergrad electives, seeking to make use of roughly 18-20 hours of their program for professional development. With a minimum amount of planning, students can minor quite easily in areas such as ESL, education, community development, business administration, communications, nutritional or environmental sciences, sports medicine, etc. Other options would be to receive this training in a master’s degree or as an official certification.
  • Wives, as fully equal partners in Alliance ministry, are required to prepare to an academic baseline of a bachelor’s degree with 18 hours of Bible/Theology and 15 hours of combined missions/ministry studies. Of those 15 hours, 6 must be missions/cross-cultural. 

For those candidates who are preparing for vocational International Ministries the qualifications are different. Although formal theological training in a C&MA school is not required, candidates will complete a Bible Knowledge Exam to ensure that a sufficient working knowledge of the Bible has been achieved either through formal study or personal Bible study. Candidates are required to have completed the Perspectives Course or an IM-approved equivalent. Candidates are required to complete the Alliance Polity course which is available online. Contact the Ministerial Studies Program office for further information.

As you consult with your candidate developer, please keep in mind that candidates are required to be debt free at time of departure, or to have made legally binding arrangements for others (family, friends, church) to pay their debts while serving with International Ministries. If you have questions or need clarification, please talk to your candidate developer.