Competencies of Alliance International Workers

Cross Culturally Competent:  Alliance International Workers are aware of cultural difference and are able to adapt to new situations with appropriate ease. They maintain physical, emotional, spiritual, and family health which is essential for the rigors of cross-cultural ministry. They show the ability to acquire fluency in other languages.

  • Cultural Awareness:  A potential Alliance International Worker is aware of his/her current attitudes towards other cultures and shows promise of adapting well to another culture. He/She successfully engages in cross-cultural experiences both in America and overseas.
  • Language acquisition:  He/She can successfully learn basic phrases while on short-term mission trips. He/She intentionally tries to engage local people with their limited language acquisition. International workers score well on the MLAT (Modern Language Aptitude Test).
  • Adaptive:  He/She is able to adapt with appropriate ease to new situations.  He/She demonstrates appropriate levels of separation anxiety while on a short-term mission trip or in major life transitions.
  • Emotionally and Physically Healthy: Ministry in genera,l and especially cross-cultural overseas ministry, is physically demanding. It is crucial that potential International Workers establish healthy eating, exercise, and time management patterns that will enable him/her to sustain spiritual, emotional, and family health levels that support effective ministry.  Any potential International Worker must appropriately process past hurts and abuses that could reemerge or intensify in cross-cultural settings.


Team Player:  Alliance International Workers have a high capacity for effectiveness on a team.  They show strong interpersonal skills and experience in building trust and resolving conflict.  They are flexible, sacrificial, and dependable.

  • Interpersonal relationship:  He/She can resolve conflicts while being part of a team and can build bridges of communication and trust with others on the team.
  • Flexible:  He/She makes appropriate contributions to a team and demonstrates opportunities to acquiesce to the will of the majority. They demonstrate an acceptable ability to listen well and maintain the posture of a learner.
  • Sacrificial:  He/She consistently makes sacrifices for Christ and others.  They give generously of themselves and their resources.  He/She takes the initiative to serve others and is willing to endure hardship, even suffering, in serving Christ.
  • Dependable:  He/She demonstrates that he/she is reliable and can be relied upon. He/She participates fully in the activities of the team and demonstrates acceptable levels of commitment to the team.


Innovative:  Alliance International Workers are able to initiate plans and programs in order fulfill a common vision.  They are self-starters, creative, resilient, and motivated to make things happen.  They can work with others to develop strategic vision, cast vision, and then implement that vision through a team.

  • Initiator:  A potential International Worker initiate plans and programs that indicate he/she is likely to initiate plans and programs cross-culturally. Ideally, He/She will begin new programs rather than oversee existing ones and manage these programs to conclusion. He/She adequately balances the short term need with long term objectives. He/she is a self-starter, creative, resilient and motivated to make things happen.
  • Collaborative: The potential International Worker sees clearly the need to work with others and is not likely to try to do things solo but seeks adequate opportunities to be a part of a team. This may include working with people from another mission organization. He/She will seek to network relationships for the advancement of kingdom ministry.
  • Mobilizing: He/She will develop as a servant leader who understands the relationship between leadership and influence. Rather than the one in authority, he/she will learn to lead by serving, by investing in people, by hearing out the hurting, all as a basis for becoming one who can work with others to develop strategic vision, cast vision to a team, and then implement that vision through a team.


Missional:  Alliance International workers, as a result of training, experience, and passion, are expected to demonstrate confidence, ease, and even boldness in engaging lost people both in relationship and verbal witness to the gospel. Driven by a passion to see people reached where there is little or no access to the gospel, we will seek to develop in our prospective workers the skills, knowledge, and character sets that will let us recapture a pioneer church planting focus.

  • Evangelism: He/She intentionally connects in and simultaneously manages multiple relationships with lost people and is able to communicate the gospel persuasively, resulting in people finding Christ.
  • Discipleship and mobilization: He/She disciples new believers to the point where they too are actively and confidently witnessing to their newfound life in Christ.
  • Holistic witness: He/She provides a witness to Christ that effectively combines word with deed in biblically balanced ways.