Five Core Characteristics of an Alliance Worker

Five core characteristics are foundational to effective Kingdom ministry. These are the basis for candidate evaluation during the accreditation/credentialing interview. While we understand you may not be an “expert” in all of the core elements required for effective ministry, our hope is that through the coaching relationship, you would focus, grow, and become motivated in each of these areas- thus developing all that God has birthed in you. These five core characteristics are at the center of the developing leader’s Personal Growth Plan.

Christ Centered Character – Candidates show they have an ever-deepening walk with God that reveals itself as a godly lifestyle as described in 1 Timothy 3:1-7.  They are wise stewards of their resources.  

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  • Formation: The Candidate shows evidence of being filled with the Holy Spirit and exhibits evidence of an ever-deepening walk with God.  They maintain regular and meaningful devotional patterns and spiritual disciplines- including a growing and consistent prayer life.
  • Integrity:  The candidate shows evidence of a godly and exemplary lifestyle as prescribed in 1 Tim. 3:1-7.  The candidate pursues and practices personal holiness, integrity, and moral purity.
  • Stewardship:  It appears that the candidate uses his/her resources wisely (time, money, and relationships).

Empowered Ministry –  Discovering and confirming the candidate’s gifting and calling leads to effective missional ministry where lives are transformed, communities are changed, and the world is impacted.

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  • Calling:  The candidate shows evidence of being called by God into ministry leadership; others in the church are also confirming their calling.
  • Gifting:  The candidate understands and uses his/her gifts, talents, and passions for the advancement of the kingdom
  • Competency: The candidate can articulate, demonstrate, and mobilize others in a Christ-centered, disciple-making philosophy of ministry in the church.
  • Missional: The candidate shows evidence of being engaged in the global mission of the church.  They are interceding and building relationships with un-churched people and seem comfortable, appropriate and active in sharing the gospel with those who are searching for faith.

Spiritual Leadership – Leading with excellence requires candidates to serve their team through sacrifice, effective decision making, organization, and empowering others.  They manage stress and anxiety well and resolve conflict in a manner that leads toward reconciliation

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  • Team:  The candidate has learned to put the interests of the team above their personal interests and strives to contribute beyond the boundaries of their role.  They are proactive in dealing with conflict constructively in a manner that leads toward reconciliation.
  • Effectiveness: The candidate demonstrates effective strategies for decision making.   He/She practices effective organizational, communication, and mobilization skills.
  • Attitude: The candidate demonstrates flexibility and the ability to manage stress and anxiety well.  He/She responds well to authority and value positive constructive feedback.

Healthy Living – Candidates maintain a healthy and balanced life. They appropriately process past pains and losses.  They have a positive and realistic outlook on life and are aware of how their emotions affect others.  They have a strong marriage, proven parenting skills, and a family committed to a ministry lifestyle.

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  • Physical Health: The candidate maintains physical health as demonstrated by good habits in nutrition, physical fitness, and rest.
  • Emotional Health: The candidate appears to have appropriately processed past traumatic/abusive experiences, and exhibits appropriate emotional health. He/she shows awareness of how their emotions affect others around him/her.
  • Relational Health: The candidate relates well to others and maintains a positive and realistic outlook on life.
  • Marriage/Family Health:  The candidate appears to have a strong marriage, proven parenting skills, and a family that is committed to a ministry lifestyle.

Biblical Foundation and Alliance Alignment – Candidates have a working knowledge of the Bible and can articulate an integrated theology that is aligned with The Christian and Missionary Alliance.  They are able to apply and communicate the Word of God with authority while living out the core values of The C&MA.

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  • Scriptural Knowledge: The candidate demonstrates a good working knowledge of the Bible.
  • Theological Understanding:  The candidate can clearly articulate an integrated theological understanding of the Statement of Faith of The C&MA.  The candidate is able to communicate the Word with spiritual authority.
  • Alliance Alignment -The candidate understands and embraces The Four Fold Gospel of The Alliance, is willing to submit to constituted authority, and is committed to living out the Core Values of the C&MA.