The Coaching Commitment

We do not want you to enter into this coaching relationship lightly; it is a significant commitment and the results have eternal implications. Imagine the joy of seeing emerging leaders in places of effective ministry. Think of all the people they will be able to impact through their ministry and mission as they serve out of wholeness and health. This is why we are asking the coach to pledge to: 

  • A one-year commitment that can be reviewed every 90 days.
  • Pray that the developing leader will grow in his/her personal and ministry life.
  • Prepare for each coaching appointment to fully engage in the agenda set by the candidate.
  • Protect the coaching appointments set in advance.
  • Grow in your own spiritual knowledge and wisdom through an ongoing vibrant relationship with Christ.
  • Be aware of today’s culture, including contemporary literature, and how it pertains to Christian leadership.
  • Offer encouragement and accountability to the client/leader regarding agreed-upon action items.

Since this is a two-way commitment, the candidate or developing leader must also be committed to the coaching relationship. So we additionally are asking him/her to:

  • Pray that God would use your coach to accomplish God’s purposes in your life.
  • Engage fully in the coaching relationship by being transparent and authentic in your communication.
  • Prepare for each coaching appointment.
  • Keep your coaching appointments (rescheduling is at the coach’s discretion).