The Goal of Coaching

As the coaching relationship begins, it is important to plan with the end in mind. What should be accomplished through this coaching relationship? What should be developed in the life of a ministry candidate? How can we help candidates to discover and develop their calling? How can we determine if they are called to vocational Alliance ministry?  Alliance leaders have launched the Alliance Coaching Network to develop specifically those who are sensing God’s call to ministry in the C&MA.  Therefore, let us start by looking at the end product- what a fruitful Alliance credentialed worker should look like.

Trajectory of Growth, Increased Self-Awareness

It is important to understand that we are not expecting the candidate to be perfect in all the characteristics needed for Alliance Ministry.  However, we are looking for candidates who show an intentional path of maturing toward health and wholeness. We are hoping that through the coaching relationship, developing leaders will grow in self-awareness.  We would like to see them discover their calling and understand how their personality and talents affect how they minister to others. We expect that they will be able to clearly identify barriers, emotional wounds, and proclivities that could limit or damage their ministry effectiveness.  We are looking for a trajectory of growth and grace in their lives.

We also recognize that not everyone in the Alliance Coaching Network will end up in Alliance ministries—this is okay. The goal of your coaching relationship is to help developing leaders discover their fit in kingdom work and engage in effective ministry as healthy leaders. If they are called and qualified for Alliance ministry, we want to facilitate them; if not, we want to release them for kingdom effectiveness. The Alliance Candidate Development team stands with you and will walk with you in your coaching relationships. We are here to be a resource and guide as you invest in the lives of developing leaders.